25 Replica Bullets – Colt Denix Gun Revolver Dummy Ammo Cartridge Rounds

25 Replica Bullets - Colt Denix Gun Revolver Dummy Ammo Cartridge RoundsThese dummy bullet replicas are made to fit any Denix Colt revolver, such as the Colt Peacemaker. These replica bullets are made of solid metal casting, and as such can not be filled with powder to be fired. The bullet tip is also fixed on the (would be) casing.  As any replica bullet, these are a bit smaller than .45 caliber bullets, so that they do not get stuck inside of the revolver chamber. And YES! they are intended to be inserted into the revolver cylinder, as well as in a holster belt.





Product Features

  • Used with Denix Revolvers
  • Replica bullets cannot be made fireable
  • Bullet dimensions: Length: 1 1/8″ Width: 5/16″
  • Solid Metal casting replica bullet.
List Price: $37.50
Price: $24.99
You Save: $12.51 (33%)

abuynowCustomer Reviews:


By Mike.

Recently I purchased these 25 Replica Bullets to go along with my .45 bullet sized holster and replica Colt .45 peacemaker.  My belt was made for real .45 rounds, and not the replica ones, therefore the bullets fell right through.  I should have known to get a replica .45 bullet instead.  The good news is that the replica bullets are made to fit the replica Denix .45 revolver.  I ordered these from Amazon, and got fast and quick shipping as usual.  I would recommend these if you have a replica revolver to compliment.

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